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"The Franklin County Dispute Resolution Center seeks to provide residents and attorneys of Franklin County and adjacent communities, with options and resources to solve disputes, to settle controversies, and to maintain a greater sense of privacy in personal and sensitive affairs."

The Franklin County Dispute Resolution Center will be opening soon and seeks to serve the community and adjacent areas of Franklin County, Pennsylvania.
Incorporated in 2009, we offer a creative process of conflict resolution. Our staff members are held to the highest standards of confidentiality and quality. We are here to serve you!
We seek to offer an alternative to the traditional legal process, affording you the opportunity to resolve your disputes in a private manner.
We are a community-oriented corporation, whose primary goal is to find amicable resolutions to everyday disputes. By using Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, we hope to turn negative conflict into positive relationships for all members of the community. We can work with just the parties involved in a dispute or with your attorneys.
The Franklin County Dispute Resolution Center will seek to settle disputes in a manner that may avoid significant costs, time and conflict. All of our Alternative Dispute Resolution processes are voluntary, and your case is strictly confidential. Rather than having a court decide the outcome of issues dealing with your family, finances, business, and life, you can have a greater hand in deciding your own issues.

Franklin County Dispute Resolution Center, Ltd.

9 East Main Street

Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-1167
Fax: (717) 762-3395